Gafner Drehkreuz Weidezaun Durchgang 02 rgb s

The Gafner turnstile

Convenient for People and safe for animals

The turnstile from Gafner is a very convenient and safe pasture fence gateway for people and animals. It is very easy to install the hot-dip galvanised hiking gateway. Due to the optimum construction, the turnstile is secured against being lifted out by animals. In Addition, the placement of the pivot bearing in the slip-over tube prevents the penetration of water and dirt for a long service life of the product in any weather.

Benefits at a glance

  • No possibility for livestock to escape
  • Safe gateway for hikers
  • Quickly installed and removed
  • Permanent hot-dip galvanised, long-lasting
  • Two Posts placed on the sides provide additional protection.

Other possibilities

  • The turnstile provudes the possibility of mounting an advertising board on it (e.g. Alpine Restaurant or companies.)
  • Direction signs can be fastened to the side posts.
  • There is the possibility to fasten fences.

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Order a turnstile now for safe hiking trails

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